Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Had the edit on those two episodes mentioned below. Nearly four hour phone call followed by a few days work. Quite a lot to do. The storyline was always a bit thin, and I failed I think on first draft to bulk it up. The underlying message of the edit was Make It Bigger. I get that sometimes. I have a tendency to underwrite. Comes from writing Literary Fiction, probably. Took me years before I could bring myself to put an exclamation mark in a script. They’re considered the work of the devil in Lit Fiction, but they’re common currency in The Show. And why not? They’re pretty common currency in life too.

Son has been saying Bye Bye very sweetly for some time now. Has lately started saying Hello too, in an almost uncanny impression of Elmer Fudd. Part of me wishes malapropisms and Elmer Fudd impressions would go on longer. Daughter told me on way to school that she’s going to draw everybody’s shoes, and put their names next to the pictures. Why? I wondered, sounding casual but wondering about incidence of autism in six year old girls. It’s so she can go in the toilet and see who’s in the cubicles by looking through the gap under the door. Because she’s a Detective. Should we be worried?

And in other news, had the piss taken out of me for ordering Cheese Souffle in a restaurant. Cheese Souffle, it was implied, is effeminate. Can this be right? Had Wild Boar with Mustard Mash for main course which I think must make me unusually conflicted.


3 Favourite Short Stories

The Swimmer John Cheever

For Esme Salinger

Revenge Ellen Gilchrist


letterfromyorkshire said...

Yes (I'm afraid it's only me) For Esme With Love And Squalor is a fantastic story. The king of stories.

Have you read Raymond Carver's Are These Genuine Miles? which actually runs it pretty close.

And if you want to come out just say it: don't mess up with souffle hints...

chris said...

Brilliant mark. love reading your blog. the little ones are an endless source of material for a writer aren't they? (Liz used Her Boy's delightful ways very effectively). For those of us without kids those little stories are such a treasure that you share. Wasn't "The Swimmer" made into a film with Burt Lancaster? Essentially a tragic piece about the sad and painful natural history of unexamined narcissism in men. A bit like "This Sporting Life". Perhaps difficult for me to read, and to watch, because still too close to home?
Hugs to my beloved little sister and your two little prodigies.
YBIL (Your Brother In Law)