Thursday, January 11, 2007


Back to work on The Show this week. A script to deliver, an edit to do. When not working on The Show I should be working on a few changes to the Book that’s out in the autumn, and the new Novel, and a Radio Drama idea, and the two original TV ideas I’m collaborating on with friends, and the Film idea I’ve got. Mostly though I’m on the Guardian website, or BBC, or Ain’t It Cool, or Digital Spy, or adding things to my Amazon wish list, or just buying them, or listening to Mark Kermode’s film podcast, or reading and sending non-essential e-mails, or working out what holiday we’re taking this year and ‘researching’ places and prices. Or writing this. Broadband is evil. Should be banned.

Trollope fitted in his hugely prolific writing life around working full-time for the post office. He was disciplined and conscientious, and he said if he missed one day’s writing it took him a fortnight to get back into the rhythm. Hang on, could be a lesson there …

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